Case Studies

Conditions treated successfully with devices offered for sale by a Coherent Medical

FK is a medical provider with decades of experience in many connections in the medical community

For the previous two years, she has had a toe specifically the great toe in the left foot that is inflamed for reasons that are discoverable. She is seen by many providers without relief. She was treated for approximately two minutes with a 1 W handheld infrared device emitting 850 nm. Multiple points were treated for approximately 20 seconds each. At the beginning of the treatment, she was exquisitely tender and could not tolerate any pressure on the joint from any direction. At the end of treatment, the tenderness had completely vanished the swelling had gone down and she could tolerate a great deal of pressure with no discomfort.

SD is a nurse who has not worked in approximately 90 days because of a severe case of cogwheel rigidity

She was treated with 1 W laser phototherapy to vertebral and carotid arteries for approximately three minutes. She was scheduled for a follow-up five days later. She missed her follow-up appointment and was contacted. She stated that she was 95% better at least. On examination, her cogwheel rigidity had vanished except at the extreme of extension of the elbow joint bilaterally. The remainder of her cogwheel rigidity was resolved with beta-blockers. At six month follow-up she was symptom-free with no subjective or object of indication of cogwheel rigidity and this was after discontinuing Inderal.

GL is a dentist with chronic bronchitis

He is a singer and music aficionado. For years he has been unable to sing because of his chronic bronchitis which has been recalcitrant and unresponsive to treatment. He was treated with 50 W laser phototherapy device emitting at 850 nm. This was applied directly to the chest in a series of adjoining areas approximately 2 inches in diameter. Each application was for 20 seconds. This was repeated until the entire thorax had been treated including the apexes in the axilla. After three treatments approximately one week apart the bronchitis resolved and the patient was able to return to singing for the first time in several years.

DR is a business owner who has suffered from asthma and COPD during 70 of his 80 years

He presented in the office for treatment of a recurrent musculoskeletal issue and on presenting was so short of breath that he could not complete a sentence. He stated that he could not stay that he had to go to the emergency room because of the asthma attack that he was having. He was treated with 50 W laser phototherapy device applied to anterior chest wall. 2 inch diameter treatment areas repeated until the entire chest wall had been treated. Upon completing treatment of the chest wall he stated that he felt the best he had in years. He was then placed in a prone position on the treatment table and treatment was continued until the posterior thorax and been treated completely in likewise fashion. Upon finishing treatment he stated that he felt the best that he had felt since he was a child. He purchased a similar device for home use and has used on an as-needed basis sense. He has been symptom-free for several years.

Patient WK is a 70-year-old businessman with a 40 year history of asthma and COPD

On examination he did not have the breath sounds associated with those conditions. He was told that he had been misdiagnosed and directed to national Jewish Hospital for reevaluation. National Jewish Hospital agreed that he did not have asthma or COPD and stated that his respiratory difficulties were the result of an infection. He was begun on antibiotics but did not respond. Through a two-year course of various evaluations and treatments he experienced no relief and no accurate diagnosis. He returned to my office for evaluation and treatment of a neuro- musculoskeletal condition at that time he was told that he should have a trial of laser phototherapy for his respiratory distress. He purchased a handheld 50 W device emitting 850 nm and used it twice daily for a period of weeks. Additionally he returned to the office on a weekly basis for treatment of the areas where he was unable to self treat. At the end of several weeks he was symptom-free. Although he had some residual changes on spirometry he experienced none of the limiting symptoms that had made life difficult at altitude.

Patient TW is a 70-year-old diabetic who presented for treatment of injuries sustained in a motor vehicle collision

At the time of his evaluation he was wearing a cashew on his left foot and ambulating with the assistance of a walker. On examination it was discovered that he was a great toe amputee and that his surgical wounds had not healed in the six months following surgery. The wound was open and weeping and infected. He had had a variety of treatments. His surgeon had contemplated amputating the foot. He was given laser phototherapy 850 nm and 50 W for approximately 90 seconds. Following day the wound had healed and there was no evidence of infection. He was given a second treatment after which he returned to the orthopedic surgeon who pronounced him cured.

Patient SD is a semi-retired RN

She presents with a little toe that is necrotic after stubbing that so weeks previous. She was treated with laser phototherapy three times after which health returned to the toe. An additional surgical intervention was required. She recovered 100%

Patient SM presented with severe bruising and 4 cracked ribs after falling from a ladder while putting up Christmas lights

He was treated with 50 W laser phototherapy device. At the end of approximately three minutes of treatment the bruising had subsided dramatically. Two of the cracked ribs were treated with laser phototherapy. Two cracks could not be identified because of exquisite tenderness. Patient return the following day markedly improved the two cracked ribs that had been treated with laser phototherapy appeared to be healed. The other two cracks recently identified and treated with laser phototherapy. These too healed overnight.

Patient AL is a martial artist who received laser phototherapy while residing in California

His response at that time is been dramatic and he attempted to purchase a machine but declined when he found out that the price was $50,000. He was told by a mutual acquaintance that he could purchase a similar device from Coherent Medical for $2000. He immediately presented in the office with credit card and determine to pay in full although the device had not been built yet. Approximately 30 days later he received his device. This was an early iteration of the device and the required modification after approximately six months use. Patient presented in the office holding the device as if it was his only child. He was asked if the device had cured his ED. He stated that he had never had ED but that now he is like a teenager. He is blissfully happy with his device. Coherent Medical has been contacted by acquaintances of his who have heard about his device in which to purchase for themselves.

Patient MR is a friend of the founder of Coherent Medical

He wished to purchase a device to treat his recalcitrant toenail fungus. He treated for several minutes per day with very positive outcomes. This patient had lost vision in his right eye due in part to macular degeneration aggravated by a retinal tear which had been repaired with laser ophthalmic surgery. This practitioner was contacted by the patient and asked if he could use the laser to treat his retina. As he was essentially blind in that eye it was felt that there was little to lose and that with caution we might at least learn the usefulness of laser phototherapy and treatment of macular degeneration. Sometime later in an incidental contact it was noted that he had considerable cloudiness in his right lens.

Patient RS was diagnosed in the summer of 2020 as having COVID-19

He was severely ill and convalescing at home while deteriorating. This practitioner was contacted by a mutual acquaintance. He received a very brief treatment at home on a Thursday evening. The following day he was much better. This practitioner was contacted by the patient who requested follow-up treatment. His follow-up treatment was a very thorough treatment extending all the way into the base of the neck and the abdomen. That was on a Saturday. The following Sunday in other words the next day he was completely symptom-free and has remained symptom-free ever since.

Patient LB is the niece of a friend of the practice

This friend of the practice is an RN with decades of experience. This practitioner was contacted by the nurse stating that her niece had been sent home with COVID and that she was very ill. The aunt/nurse was instructed to go to the patient’s home with a Lowe’s laser phototherapy device and to give a very thorough treatment to the entire thorax. The patient felt better after treatment. The following day the patient was symptom-free and returned to work. None of her four children became ill. 

Patient AN is a middle-aged male with crepitus in the elbows

Excellent physical condition. Very active. He has pain and crepitus of unknown origin in elbows bilaterally. He was treated with laser phototherapy on three successive visits. The pain and crepitus in the elbows resolved completely.

Shortly after building his first 50 W laser, this patient developed a basal cell carcinoma mid-frontal region

After giving it considerable thought it was decided to provide an experimental application of laser phototherapy. Treatment was for approximately three minutes continuous. The next morning it was noted that the basal cell carcinoma had vanished completely.

Patient CB is a 40-year-old female who presents for treatment of a musculoskeletal disorder

She was obviously uncomfortable because of a urinary tract infection. She was told that she needed to be treated with antibiotics she stated that she was taking antibiotics but they hadn’t started to work yet. She was advised that the discomfort could be relieved with laser phototherapy but that it would not help the bladder condition. Laser phototherapy was applied to the urethral meatus for 40 seconds at which time she was symptom-free.

Patient CL is a 40-year-old businessman who engages actively in martial arts several times per week

As a result of a martial art incident his left talus had been displaced posteriorly. Correction was attempted on numerous occasions but without result. He was very uncomfortable. Laser phototherapy was applied to the anterior talus for three minutes continuously at which time the displaced talus self-corrected.

Patient RN is a retired nurse who presents with a rare lichen planus on her arms and torso and lower extremities.

She was approximately 50% better after one treatment. She purchased a device and continue to self treated at home. She resolved completely after only a few treatments.

Patient NN is referred by chiropractor RB

He has treated her 100 degree scoliosis with dramatic success and although she is bright, an mobile and functional, there is still considerable tenderness on either side of the spine. She was treated twice with laser phototherapy which removed all the tenderness next to the spine. She has continued to use laser phototherapy at home for other conditions. The results are pending.

Patient NR is a nurse practitioner who purchased a unit for treatment of her canine companion

The dog had been incapacitated for some time because of arthritic limbs. After only a few treatments he was able to run and jump on the bed which had been able to do in over two years. The nurse practitioner-owner of the arthritic dog developed an infected tooth. She opted to try an experimental treatment of laser phototherapy on the infected tooth and after only a few treatments the infected tooth resolved completely.

Patient HL was treated successfully following motor vehicle collision

She was curious if the laser phototherapy device would help her lichen sclerosis. As her lichen sclerosis was in the genital area it was felt that she should self treat at home due to modesty considerations. She was provided with the device and after only a few treatments her recalcitrant lichen sclerosis resolved completely. She continued to use the device for a host of conditions with exceedingly positive results. All of her chronic health issues seem to resolve completely as a result.

Patient FK had a two year history of bronchitis.

She had seen numerous providers and received a host of treatments without result. She was treated for approximately three minutes with 850 nm times 50 W. The following day she was asymptomatic. She stated that she had had episodes of remission and exacerbation and she felt that this was one of those remissions. The following Monday she was still symptom-free and admitted that the laser phototherapy device had resolved her chronic bronchitis.

This office was contacted by patient JS who is a resident of the state of Hawaii.

He had heard about our devices through a mutual acquaintance and wished to purchase one. During the time that the device was being built and shipped I received numerous inquiries from him regarding procedures and protocols. I responded as best I could. After receiving his device I waited a few days and then queried him as to his knowledge and understanding and use of the device. He stated, “I got it. I love it. It’s already cured my hemorrhoids.”

Patient DE is a 50-year-old male with stage II Parkinson’s

He was given a laser phototherapy device and instructed its use. After several weeks of treatment he was reevaluated as stage I. On a follow-up visit it was noted that he appeared to have systemic candidiasis. He was placed on a candidiasis regimen and continued to improve markedly.

IT is a 75-year-old female with severe bruising as a result of slip involved injury

She presents with severe bruising from the knee down as a result of slip involved injury. She was 10 days post injury at the time of evaluation. She had seen other providers and had other treatments without result. She was given a laser phototherapy 850 nm times 1 W times 10 minutes. The following day there was 90% improvement. The skin which had been called an integrated was now warm and supple.

AS is a semiretired voice teacher who suffered a stroke which resulted in loss of use in the right arm and left leg

He was seen in March 2019 several months after a stroke which resulted in loss of use in the right arm and left leg. He was given a laser phototherapy device and instructed its use. He had been told that the damage was parietal. After a week of use there was no improvement. He was evaluated and it was determined that the damage was not in the parietal lobes but in the brainstem. He was reinstructed on use directing the device toward the brainstem. This resulted in marked improvement in he regained approximate 90% use of both left leg and right arm.

Patient CM is a friend of the practice and a massage therapist

She was given a device for home use to help her family recover from COVID 19. She took her device to the office and used it to treat a host of narrow musculoskeletal conditions. One of her patients requested treatment for chronic prostatitis. Treatment was administered. The following day she received a text message from the patient stating that he had result 100% from a symptomatic standpoint.

Patient WC has a 60-year-old businessman

Initially he was treated for a narrow musculoskeletal condition of the leg resulting from a mountain bike accident 30 years previously. During the course of treatment he was curious whether the laser phototherapy device would help his inguinal hernia. He was treated in the office three times at which time he purchased a device for home use. During that time he has used his laser phototherapy device infrequently which has resulted in resolution of his inguinal hernia.

AR is an RN who owns a device from Coherent Medical

“At the beginning of the covid pandemic a single mom with 4 kids called me. She was very ill with all the Symptoms of covid. Because I’m a nurse I was on high alert. She was so ill she was unable to get out of bed. I took my laser I Purchased from Dr Royal to her home and lasered her chest, front, back and sides. I left it with her to use during the night. The next morning she felt so much better and was able to return to work.”

Patients with trigger points are literally too numerous to mention

It’s virtually 100% of those seeking treatment in facilities that provide treatment to those with narrow musculoskeletal issues. These trigger points can be debilitating. Many have had a variety of treatments for their trigger points including but not limited to cryotherapy, manual manipulation, injection with lidocaine and Marcaine or cortisone. They have had needles and stretches and poking and prodding. Some are lucky enough to get a small amount of relief the problem always returns. This office is treated literally hundreds of patients with thousands of trigger points. 30 seconds of laser phototherapy in the involved area resolved the trigger point permanently and health returns not in days, or hours, or minutes, but in seconds.

For a discussion of strokes and concussion and all manner of traumatic brain injury I refer the reader to a study conducted and published by Larry Morries DC in conjunction with the neurology department at Massachusetts General Hospital. As a result of that study laser phototherapy has become treatment of choice for those suffering all manner of traumatic brain injury.

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